Retirement Plans

401(k) Plans With The Waterford Group

When the US Department of Labor realized that employees were having difficulty with investment decisions, it altered the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to give employees the ability to hire investment professionals to assist with their 401(k) planning and investing.

The Waterford Group realizes that it’s not just employees who need assistance with retirement programs. That’s why we also help business owners by creating a comprehensive process to manage all aspects of their plan. This includes the selection, monitoring and due diligence of their investments while offering education to their employees. Additionally, a comprehensive analysis of the plan and all of its elections is a standard practice at The Waterford Group. We take the pressure off of owners and human resource departments by helping to administer the entire 401(k) process.

Personalized Attention for Every Participant

Along with making group presentations to employees, we also meet one-on-one with each employee participating in the 401(k) plan to ensure the same objectives are met. We’re always available by phone or e-mail to answer questions or clarify any issues. We answer critical questions about risk tolerance, investments, contribution levels, future goals and many other key areas.

Sometimes investing can be an impersonal experience. We make it personal, because we are all about the art and science of interacting with every person and viewing each (and their investments) as unique. At the end of each meeting with clients and employees, we want them to walk away knowing exactly what was communicated and being able to say, “I understand what they said and I’m pleased with how my investments are allocated.”

Because investment decisions can be daunting, we provide answers, education, a proven investment philosophy, and we aren’t satisfied until everyone is on the same page.