Listening to Our Clients. Creating Peace of Mind.

Visit any investment advisor’s Web site and you’ll read about their time-tested approach to achieving impressive results. Of course, we also share this philosophy.

However, at The Waterford Group, we strive to be somewhat different and, we believe, more effective investment advisors. We hope you’ll spend a bit of time discovering how we achieve your goals.

Our Mission

“To provide our clients sound, unbiased, independent investment management solutions utilizing proven, traditional investment principles with consistent client-service practices, while embracing fiduciary ideals that put the interests of our clients at the forefront of every decision.”

We believe in our mission 100%, and these words begin to uncover the essence and the uniqueness of The Waterford Group and the advantages we bring to our clients.

Investment Philosophy

We created The Waterford Group because it seemed to us that, in some ways, the “system” is broken. Too many providers are selling products and few are willing to assist the business owner in providing the right benefit to their employees. We are here today to help business owners by applying our comprehensive process to properly manage their retirement plans. This includes the selection, monitoring and due diligence of their investments while offering comprehensive investment education to their employees. Our 401(k) clients view us as their benefit delivery expert and financial partner.

We have the people that are trusted by our clients, the process to help plans function optimally and achieve the desired goals, and we deliver performance relative to industry benchmarks for plan success. (Learn more about People. Process. Performance.)

Our investment process involves the consistent, objective application of the following steps:

  1. Complete understanding of each client’s unique financial situation, goals and risk profile
  2. Preparation of a specific investment policy statement
  3. Comprehensive research and planning by selected, proven investment managers
  4. Appropriate diversification of client assets, based on objectives and risk tolerance
  5. Ongoing monitoring, performance measurement, and balancing of assets and allocations relative to the investment policy statement
  6. Control and accounting for all investment expenses
  7. Avoidance of all conflicts of interest

Investment Scoring

We use a proprietary scoring system to determine how a manager/fund stands relative to thresholds in several of key areas –

  • Regulatory oversight
  • Track record
  • Assets in the fund
  • Stability of the organization
  • Composition consistency with asset class
  • Style consistency
  • Expense ratios/fees relative to peers
  • Risk-adjusted performance relative to peers
  • Performance relative to peers

This process is applied on a regular basis while taking into consideration the current economic landscape and each client’s situation.
The goal: to ensure that the managers and funds selected are the most appropriate.